artist: STL
title: U Know The Score Something Vinyl Series 32
price: 12 euro ( limited clear-black marbled vinyl )

Get ready. Stephan Laubner aka STL lifts you up and takes you down into the deepest depths of this new Something platter right here. It will flow and rumble in intuitive grounds as well as amaze & thrill your senses there way up high. It will fire stellar emotions and touch the interiors in an unmistakable manner. No matter how current outer realities will look like, this LP will resonate within an unique width and an universal Wirklichkeit. SVS32 gives the space and light to exist in freedom and peace, while also rocking your area in positive faith and with a bad-ass goodness. The tonal aesthetic ascetics for what Something Records are well known for, are reflecting the passion and love for an indepth sound-design, diy synth-programmings and an attitude to drive things mostly at analogue edges of physical audio worlds. Still in an maybe-own-league and with a strong trademark, STL invites you to join the Something Vinyl Series 32 open-hearted. Forget about competetive games or paranoid craze. Love and plain good togetherness will make you free, and will guide you into one's importance - in a more senseful & sure highscore. Something someone could call, a clearer truth. Some place to remain for most of awhile. The vinyl release is coming in two different housings. Limited to 100 transparent copies, plus the usual normal black vinyls. Be quick to grab your desired copy. Tune & groove in. Excite your senses and let the music now embrace you. Enjoy!
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