artist: STL
title: Banned From Terra Something Vinyl Series 21
status: sold out

Something makes a stop at terra and welcomes all recipient sentient beings to take a journey with this lovely piece of vinyl right here. The SVS continues with deep etched grooves that are sliding along as usual in a raw organic sound plus the notorious STL finish and tonal fit on top. Dirty shuffling, sometimes out of it, drums and percussion patterns do impact on hardware programmed synth events - working away like mad. Hang out some time with these sounds, and acoustic mechanical pleasures will enter your ears, soon to introduce a warm and groovy feel at your inner emotions. Once you stay tuned your feet will follow certainly at one blow. Vinyl number 21 will come to you with a printed inner sleeve package and is dedicated to all friends and believers of the Something vibe. This 12" is now on the loose and will hopefully find it's way on your record player to delight your heart. Now get some vinyl thing for a satisfied smile!
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