artist: STL
title: Me And The Machines Something Vinyl Series 17
status: sold out

Love it or leave it. STL has done it again. Another four tracker of raw electronic beats and mind rumbling grooves. Jacking house tracks composed on analog hardware, executed without any static computer arrangements, to keep the true spirit and feeling of each session alive. These sounds are like mad colourful old school gaming, taking the listener on adventures to head, feet and soul in all it´s full maniac beauty. Number 17 of the something vinyl series is another lovely manifest of an artist mind picture which is not easy to categorysize. Surely it won´t fit in any style and ear, but those who are already sold to STL´s lo-fi kind of sound-aesthetic will get another dope piece of vinyl in order to make them dance and listen. Sweet transmissions from a universe dominated by sound. Pressed on a handsome 12” in very limited quantities !
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