artist: STL
title: Mistakes Are Made For Everyone Something Vinyl Series 14
price: 9 euro

The Something Vinyl Series continues this time with seductive House tunes and deep moments for the dancefloor and places beyond. Five tracks and four bonus loops makes this the next typical warm vibrating Something record, you have probably already expected. As the title suggests, it´s not a perfect clean and faultless production. There is the dirt and a sound inhabitant, for what STL records are well known for. Experimentations in the worlds of hardware based tone generators and at the limits of analog signal processors. The tracks also deliberately dispense much static computer arrangements and were recorded mostly in live sessions to capture the actual feeling for each song. Every being is a universe of it´s own, with all it´s known and unknown places. There are mistakes and inner strangers which are made to learn and grow. This record is a recent snapshot from someone´s life, where the love for music and sound is maybe the most beautiful mystery.
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