artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: The Heavy Minded Orchestra Something Vinyl Series 13
price: 9 euro ( 2x12" / special price )

Stephan Laubner aka STL aka Lunatik Sound System invites you to something very special. A journey into the depths of his soulful Ambientmusic. This vinyl double pack contains selected works from the Something DGT Series and comes strictly limited to 500 copies with no repress! On this beauteous Album there are painted extended listening tracks of orchestral heavyminded soundscapes, haunting melancholic waves and mellow dreamy sound sculptures, which can change your way of depth perception when listening carefully and in full length. Deep and wonderful details drifting at the horizons and within the apparent insignificant. Take a time-out and enjoy this fascinating music. This Lunatik Sound System double vinyl comes with a full inside/out cover and is be meant for collectors and listeners, as well as for ambient djs or people who wants to spice up there mixset with a nice in- or outro !!
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