artist: STL
title: STL And His Quest For Sound Something Vinyl Series 12
price: 18 euro

Something number 12 is a double Album from Stephan Laubner featuring nine Tracks and 4 bonus Loops, residing somewhere between deep cranky scientifics and crazy shaking groove and listening experimatations. Some tracks will make you dance and probably go nuts on the floor, while others excites your senses with a special irresistible attractive beauty. Slippery odd rhythms will guide you through this 72 minutes long double pack. Pure and beauteous shivering synth activities, which are coming 100% hardware from cosmic dimensions to your ears. Music from a universe, where the dominating force is sound! Something for believers and collectors. Something for souls with the everlasting thirst for sound. This STL longplayer, in the cover version, comes strictly limited to 500 copies - so you better be fast.
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