artist: STL
title: Rain Interpretations Something Vinyl Series 01
status: sold out

This is the first Vinyl release on Something Records. It is a deep Journey into Sound. Rain is the fundamental inspiration on that longplay 12". Natural recordings mixed with scientific sound research - Multilayered spheres with down under bassbeats. Atmospheric structures combined with rolling thunderclaps. The track "rainwalker" has an outstanding soundspectrum and is different to most common productions. The six loops contains something for the dancefloor aswell. On the flipside there is a 22 minutes long fieldrecording of thunderstorms and rain samples. On Rain interpretations, the artist created a magic record that gives you the image of a "musical landscape".

STL is known from other releases like that outstanding perlon13 split ep with Ricardo Villalobos & Dandy Jack. With Rain Interpretations he continues his mission and goes even deeper! " This is something for your ear to create visions in your mind "
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