artist: STL
title: Time Is Just An Illusion Something Vinyl Series 24
price: 9 euro

The moment has come for the latest STL platter provocative titled 'Time is just an Illusion' to take place on your turntable in order to spin for pleasure and delight. Surfacing from the local diy remote headquarter, Something is calling like minded listeners and friends of analog deep house jams to take a trip out with three time evaporating tracks and two continuous etched loops. Moody constructed near dark grooves and melodies care for you and your spirits on this release. Soon to create deep special lucid intervals within the twilight areas of house music. This 12inch comes in a selfmade inside/out cover as always in limited quantities, destined for everyone who wants to get up to Something spending a good space-time together. Hopefully you gonna dig this vinyl in a good way and be able to follow these beauteous astral grooves with joy and satisfaction. Time is standing still on Something vinyl series 24 - and you are welcome to join!
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