artist: STL
title: Secret Weapons Something Vinyl Series 20
price: 18 euro

Charge your batteries and get ready for the next Album on Something. This double 12" with fullside cover and unflinching madman beat arts, is another STL sure shot, taking you for a ride to the worlds of the always amazing raw Something vinyl series. Thrilling tones and shivering synth activities, comes next to shuffling grooves and studied lo-fi drum lunacy, while everything is floating together in a natural dry way without sounding to technical or sterile. Sequenced analogue and hardware equipment are responsible for this longplay vinyl gem, right here. Stephan Laubner managed it to maneuver his sounds deep and dirty while they always feel true, non-average, in his own inimitable sense and aestethic style. Number 20 of the vinyl series can be played in moody settings, and is also suitable on the decks as secret weapons in order to make them dance and freak out. Enjoy this special release and snatch Something !
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