artist: STL
title: The Unseen Voyage Something Vinyl Series 09
status: sold out

Stephan Laubner´s STL project returns on his Something imprint with another great, deep and soulful vinyl release where he illuminates even more corners of his universe. Retro stylish melodies between raw and rough house beats with the unstoppable affectation for long evolving grooves. These tracks easily break through the sound barrier and moving supersonically on dancefloors and places beyond. A voyage, which has it´s roots in the dark. At a place where spirit comes from. Music out of the inner galaxy where emotions and thoughts get born, all captured and channeled through oldschool equipment direct to your speakers. These sounds are part of something. Something you can not see, but somehow, you know it´s definitely there. Get inside, and enjoy the unseen voyage.
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