artist: STL
title: Nocturnal Mixdowns Something Vinyl Series 08
status: sold out

Two flying objects waiting for the permission to land on your turntables. This 12" double pack will lead you through the worlds of beat orientated something material. Each track has a special characteristic feeling and will suite well in different situations. Some will make you dance and nod your head to the raw grooves. Others can draw your attention by the sometimes minimal stripped down sneaky sound aesthetics, which seems to show up always at the right time. This 72 minutes long listening adventure was produced in deep winter months. When it gets dark outside quite early. When snow, fog and ice beauty defines the landscape. Put it on your walkman and let things happen. Nocturnal. Seven timeless upbuilding tracks and some locked grooves are pressed on this long-wave transmitter...Turn on your receiver and tune in!
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